About the Chinese Information Technology Law project

The China Information Technology Law project is a non-profit initiative of the China Internet Project (CNIP) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
The goal of the project is to provide a free resource for the texts of China’s IT regulations in Chinese and English. We hope that this information is a useful resource for academics, business executives, journalists, officials and others, and contributes to China’s efforts to promote the rule of law. All the translations on this website have not been proofread by the agencies that published original Chinese version.
How to Contribute
This site needs your help.  Please contribute by donating:

  • Your expertise.  If you see a mistake, or want to improve a translation, send us an email at [email protected]
  • Additional translations.  If you can improve the site by adding additional English translations, please send them to [email protected]
  • Funds.  We can always use extra funding to improve the quality and timeliness of our postings.  If you or your firm can donate, please contact us [email protected]